KTS is a group of morally-driven activists founded in 2018 by Kyle Swanson. KTS was founded with the common goal of creating safer neighborhoods by integrating with task forces and law enforcement in as many communities as possible to help expose sexual predators who hide under the veil of the internet.

—What does KTS do?—


The team monitors social media platforms, chat rooms, websites, games & forums. They are on the lookout for suspicious questions, conversations and connections.


These trained adult volunteers act as decoys, connecting with suspected criminals, engaging with them in a detailed process and setting a meeting place and time.


The police are called on every case. KTS meets the alleged predator and confronts them live on video. The goal is that the exposure and evidence leads to an immediate arrest & public awareness.

—What KTS does NOT do—


There are many laws around entrapment that different from area to area. We take special caution to never entrap anyone and follow all laws of engagement to ensure the police have a case they can work with.


We take careful measures to ensure someone is of sound mind and clear on their intentions in order to not expose someone unjustly. People that are mentally challenged are not exposed.


Harassment causes us legal issues and we never encourage anyone to harrass anyone we’ve come across. We identify the person and hand them off to the police to deal with. We have no need to harrass anyone and in fact its counter productive to the cause.

————- FAQs ————-

  • What does the KTS acronym mean?
    Keep Them Safe
  • So what happens to these guys after you expose them?
    All information is turned into the local authorities to get them arrested and convicted!
  • Why would you do this to people?
    We do this to bring awareness to the huge problem of child sexual assault and get these predator’s out of our communities!
  • How do you know your getting the right person?
    We make sure to get as much visual identification pieces of information before a live engagement including: shots of the vehicle, face/body pics, and tattoos.

————- Contact Us ————-

KTS All Access Pass

  • Access to the raw conversations between predator and prey.
  • Completely uncensored extended versions of our multicam busts.
  • Behind the scenes footage of pre-bust setup and what happens immediately afterwards.
  • Exclusive bonus items tied to our busts that we’re not allowed to post anywhere else.

Terms: $5 / Month